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Our menu of financing is below. Our relationships with the top private banks in the country allow us to provide unique financing with amazing terms for our clients. Please call for more detailed information such as program options, interest rates, closing costs and qualifying guidelines.



A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven Vella watched the birth of Silicon Valley. In his late teens he went to the Super Bowl in 1985 with his dad at Stanford Stadium and sat on a cushion provided by a new company called Apple Computers. The explosion and expansion of technology in the Bay Area brought lots of people and in turn created a housing boom.
People need guidance and answers to hard questions when obtaining financing for real estate. The lowest interest rate and cost for obtaining financing is always the objective. Those answers come after the hard questions about your income, assets, credit and the type of property your financing have been answered.
After the meltdown of First Republic Bank and Silicon Valley Bank a void was left in lending. The need for a company with the highest level of service, a great reputation, and often could provide unusually low interest rates for their clients. Vellavision, not only fills this void but takes it to the next level.
Vellavision has built relationships with the largest and smallest private banks in the country. These are relationships Founder, Steven Vella has forged over 30 years in lending and private banking. He has assembled relationships with the best private bankers in the country who will provide the ultimate service because of the quality referrals Vellavision provides.
Vellavision not only makes your life easier by vetting your file completely, but we make the life of the banker simple as well by doing the heavy lifting of qualifying the borrower and preparing your file for the eyes of an underwriter so that your file has all of the answers the underwriter needs to feel comfortable in making a prudent decision. The level of detail we provide allows for seamless approvals, fast closings at the lowest interest rates available to you in the industry.
We will provide a preapproval letter for you and your realtor to provide to the seller so that have the comfort of knowing you can close your loan in a very short period of time.
Vellavision is a new paradigm in real estate lending and in walking you through the entire real estate process if needed. We have completed over 5,000 transactions and our rave reviews speak for themselves. Professional real estate developers and investors have advocates that pave the way for them by doing due-diligence. Isn’t it time the American consumer has an advocate for real estate financing? We provide a seamless, and stress free path to finance the property you need for your family or the commercial property for your real estate portfolio to start or continue your wealth building process.
We look forward to your call to discuss your vision and we can help you achieve it.

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