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A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven Vella watched the birth of Silicon Valley. In his late teens he went to the Super Bowl in 1985 with his dad at Stanford Stadium and sat on a cushion provided by a new company called Apple Computers. The explosion and expansion of technology in the Bay Area, brought lots of people and in turn creating a housing boom.
People need guidance comfort knowing they can obtain the lowest interest rates available when financing real estate. After the meltdown of First Republic Bank and Silicon Valley Bank a void was left in lending. The need for a company with the highest level of service, a great reputation and the lowest interest rates available. Vellavision provides a service no other company can. Access to the best Private Banks in the country. These are relationships Steven has forged over 30 years in lending and private banking. He has assembled a team of All Pro’s to provide Vellavision clients with the finest service at the lowest interest rates and costs available in the market.
Most people don’t shop for a mortgage. Generally, they try the following steps such as walking into their local bank branch, ask a relative or friend, rely on a realtor or perhaps looking online where you don’t get answers what you do get are dozens of phone calls from lenders who know nothing about you or your scenario. Even your accountant or wealth manager may be excellent at what they do and want to be helpful so they refer you to their local banker or perhaps to a person who works in their organization, which again gives you one option and likely not the right option.
Vellavision, Steven Vella provides a personal consultation where we get to the bottom line of your financial situation, income, assets, credit, any type of property you wish to purchase. He underwrites the file to the guidelines of multiple private banks and provides preapproved financing for residential lending and a letter of intent for commercial properties, He then provides the lender or private bank best suited for your ituation at the lowest rate and cost available. Saving clients time, frustration and more money than you would have ever imagined since, like virtually all buyers of real estate, you would likely settle for the first place that gives you an approval rather than the best lender for your scenario.
You will see what having an advocate that can leverage banking relationships that have been cultivated over decades is like. Not unlike the first time you flew business class, or first class or private on a flight in this case to your financial destination. Vellavision provides financing in a way that will make you feel like you are being taken care of in a first-class way while instead of paying extra for the service Vellavision will being saving you money, time, effort, and frustration.